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ECity Bangalore -

March 2011             Issue #1

Dear ECitizens!
This is a newsletter from the neighbourhood portal Our mission is to reach out to the local community and stay connected with ECitizens. Monthly newsletter will be an excellant way to effectively spread neighbourhood awareness with updates from the portal. Forthcoming issues of ECity Digest will evolve for the better with your feedbacks.
- Team ECity Bangalore.

Candor International School, is coming up on Begur Koppa Road, 5 km from ECity. With international curricula and facilities, the school offers weekly and regular boarding options. The school is being built on 20 acres of land and offers sports facilities in partnership with Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy.

ECity Event

1 day programme on 19 February 2011 at IHMR Bangalore:
Marketing Techniques for Health Care Industry

ECity Deal

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ECity on Press

Premji's dream university from July
Growth in Whitefield and Electronic City witnessing slowdown
I-T dept's refurbished unit cuts red tape, hastens work
IT raises a stink in Electronics City of Bangalore

ECity is more often on press infamously for: crime against women and road accidents.

Know your Bengaluru

Did you know about these small structures in Bengaluru, called Kempe Gowda Towers that are protected monuments ? Except for the one in Lal Bagh, they are not frequented by tourists. Though it is difficult to cover all these towers in a single trip, it is good to know about their existence and historical importance.


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