About ECity Bangalore

About Us

What we do

ECity Bangalore is a regional information portal dedicated to serve the neighbourhood of Electronic City located in Bangalore South.This is the first portal ever that published categorized information exclusively on Electronics City. We are a registered service provider for online information and advertisements. This is a non-aided private portal, owned and maintained by individuals who have volunteered to provide content management that can be useful to the public. Contents of this web site may include articles, images, news, advertisements etc. News published is gathered by aggregators, while advertisements are sponsored by reputed businesses in and around Electronic City. Besides providing local information to ECitizens living and working in Electronic City, this portal is also resourceful to the global online community, which has been curiously watching the growth of this amazing technology hub.


ECity Bangalore started its journey in 2008 from personal pages maintained out of sheer necessity to orient oneself to live and work in a developing tech-hub. In due course of time, the personal pages seemed to be useful enough to be shared as a blog to serve a larger community. The blog has now evolved to this portal at https://www.electronic-city.in for more flexibility in design & architecture and to reach out to the benefit of more people.

Team ECity Bangalore

Team ECity Bangalore is a very small team of IISc. and IIT alumni with over 20 years of experience in the software industry, with a dream to make this portal, a pride of every ECitizen. Maintenance of this portal by frequent data updation and upkeep of quality content while striving for continuous improvement, is rendered by the team with state of the art technology, focus, professionalism, constant innovation and integrity.


To be the most resourceful Regional Portal on web


  • To connect ECitizens
  • Local and global promotion of our sponsors' brands

Business Philosophy

  • To serve both business and online user community
  • To encourage Green practices by paperless ads
Our focus has always been on exploring ideas to be more resourceful and more innovative. We expect the local business owners to support our portal by sponsoring their profiles. Since we are more info-centric, we publish ads only for self-sustenance, which is why our advertising rates are so affordable. Our rich content attracts traffic from the IT Community from world over, esp. NRIs who want to invest/settle in Bangalore.