ECity Bangalore Advertisement TOS

Advertisement - Terms of Service

  1. Ads will strictly not be extended beyond expiry date, if not renewed. Renewal notifications will be emailed well in advance.
  2. Delayed payment will attract penalty and interest.
  3. If Ads are restarted after expiration, the current price during reactivation will be applicable.
  4. Banners are add-on units to promote profiles with additional visibility.
  5. Advertisements with illegal content will not be published by ECity Bangalore.
  6. One business profile may be used for promoting a single business unit/branch/project only.
  7. Business with multiple units/branches/projects may be promoted with a microsite. Microsites with 3 or more units are eligible for group discount.
  8. We do not accept payment by installments.
  9. We accept payment only by:
    1. Online transfer to the business account of ECity Bangalore.
    Account details will be shared upon order confirmation.
  10. Receipt for your payments will be acknowledged by email/hardcopy.
  11. Ad content ( text & images only; no external links) may be provided by client.
    Business profile will have 1 external link to client website from Contact Info.
    Banners may not display phone numbers or website url.
  12. Your advertisement can be designed by us within 2 business days of realization of your payment.
  13. Prior to activation, Ad unit is subject to content review by portal and client.
  14. After activation, major changes in content of published profiles ( example: addition of projects or diverse business units in same profile) will not be entertained. Only essential changes can be made; Request for change should be communicated by email (and not by phone call).
  15. Client has to inform any change in contact information or extension of facilities / services or time sensitive information like admission notification to be published online.
  16. Only events calling for public participation may be announced by ad sponsors.
  17. Event Ads will promote only our Ad sponsors. 3rd parties associated with our sponsors will not be given publicity in the event ads of our sponsor.
  18. After publishing the ad(s), if a client requests for removal of his/her advertisement due to some unforeseen reason, the advertising charges will not be refunded.
  19. ECity Bangalore will not provide/sell links to external websites for the sole purpose of diverting traffic from portal. Complete and necessary details of business have to be published as business profile in the portal itself, to advertise a business.