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Go for Green Ads!

Did you know that 99.9% of printed ad flyers with newspaper, and pamphlets in mail are discarded the day of delivery ?

Go Green; Go Paperless! Call the leader within you and start making the responsible choice of paperless marketing strategy and start the move towards a new sustainable media channel. We are doing our bit by providing a green media platform.

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Green Office Tips
  1. Turn off lights, computers and appliances when not in use.
  2. Recycle and buy Recycled.
  3. Ensure proper recycling and disposal of hazardous e-waste.
  4. Use less of everything; conserve natural resources.
  5. Go paperless. Store electronically.
  6. Write precise readable emails that need not be scrolled or printed.
  7. Think before you print.
  8. Print both sides of paper. Reduce margin setting.
  9. Print in draft mode. Avoid colour prints.
  10. Energy star rated products consume only 2/3 energy.
  11. Use laptops instead of desktops.
  12. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).
  13. Use ozone free air conditioners.
  14. Use Solar heating.
  15. Encourage employees to bring own mug & dishware to work.
  16. Provide filtered water instead of bottled water.
  17. Provide air-dryer in bathrooms
  18. Encourage car-pools & public transport.
  19. Support telecommute, econference, video conference.
  20. Grow trees and indoor plants in campus.
  21. Provide recycle boxes.
  22. Post a company green policy in your website.
Green Community Tips
  1. Implement RWH.
  2. Implement solar street lighting.
  3. Install water treatment plant.
  4. Install water meters.
  5. Go paperless. Store electronically.
  6. Email forums can be as democratic as conventional meetings.
  7. AGMs and GBMs can support Electronic opinion polls.
  8. Use community notice boards.
  9. Enforce seggregation of garbage (bio degradable, recyclable, non bio degradable non recyclable )
  10. Ensure proper garbage disposal.
  11. Use organic gardening methods in community gardens.
  12. Restrict unsolicited sales persons.
  13. Ban distribution of flyers and pamphlets.
  14. Plan for shared shuttles to bus-stops.
  15. Object to hoardings in the vicinity of your community.
  16. Grow trees suitable for tree-lining.
  17. Publish in forum, community wide green policy
Paperless Office

Towards a Paperless Office...

If you make it convenient for people to collaborate with you in a paperless office, they will. Choosing not to print an email or document is a baby step. Millions of people taking baby steps might eventually lead to a paperless world...
  1. Use digital fax.
  2. Use imaging & document management system :
  • Easier to organize, store, search, locate, access, edit, send, share & secure .
  • Less workforce.
  • More productive.
  • Less storage space.
  • Easy data backup.
  • Easy disaster recovery.
  • More secure.