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ECity Bangalore -

February 2012             Issue #12

Dear Reader,
This newsletter brings you updates from the portal Our mission is to spread neighbourhood awareness to ECitizens and regional information to netizens.
-Team ECity Bangalore.

Candor International School will move from Laptops to iPads by August 2012. Using technology, Candor strives to minimize the use of paper and eventually emerge as a paperless school. The founder of Candor School, Mr.Suresh Reddy's vision to establish a Green School and integrate modern technology has been actualized. Candor believes that the 21st century classroom is no longer a place where the teacher reigns supreme, but a place where genuine collaboration, differentiation and real learning takes place.


School Admissions 2012 - Ebenezer,   Treamis,   Candor,   Brookfield,   VIBGYOR
Entrance Examinations - 7 May to 13 May 2012 for NTTF  Admissions 2012
PGDHM 2012 - 2014 - PG Diploma in Hospital Management in IHMR

V2 Dental Tip of the Month

"Did you know : You can have fresh breath for the whole day without spending a pie on any expensive mouth fresheners or mouthwashes... Gargle your mouth in warm water and salt with a leaf or two of tulsi or pudina thrown in... and you will have a fresh breath throughout the day!!!!!"
- Dr.Ranjani Rao, Director, V2 ECity Dental Center

Press News for Ecity

Green signal for Metro's Phase II  via Electronic City Phase I, Phase II to Bommasandra
Increased feeder services will draw more passengers  Silk Board to surrounding areas
Harbhajan visits Bannerghatta Park  to pledge support for wildlife conservation
Going that extra mile for a good bargain  Chandapura Saturday market
Jesuit priests forced to tender apology at peace panel meeting   Principal of PU College in Anekal
Care-less hospitals may lose licence  Victim died after Narayana Hrudayalaya denied treatment
Illegal road on lake-bed allowed by BSY order  connecting Gollahalli to Electronic City
Meekin's multiple identities baffle cops  now in Parappana Agrahara Central Jail
Techie held for stealing gadget from bus  on the Electronics City-KBS route

Know your Bengaluru

Tipu Sultan's Palace in Bangalore exhibits a model of Tipu's Tiger, a mechanical toy of a tiger mauling a British soldier - the original artefact now in V&A Museum, London.
Tipu Sultan, The Tiger of Mysore, was known to be so obsessed with tigers that he adopted the tiger-stripe motif as his state emblem. Leaflike, stylised tiger stripes ( bubris) were engraved on all his belongings. He identified himself with tigers, wore dresses on bubri patterned cloth and dressed his men in tyger jackets; Inscriptions were written in tiger script, in which the the Persian characters were transformed into bubris. The frescoes in Tipu's Palace are now highly deteriorated. More info on Tipu's Fort and Palace ...


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