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How long does it take to build a brand ?
Branding is not something that happens overnight. Branding cannot happen with short-term exposure. Your brand name has to be visible to targeted audience over and over again till it is registered in their brains / inscribed in their skulls / etched in their minds. Later on, whenever the necessity arises for your product or service, your brand-name should pop-up first in their minds without even having to go to a directory listing. This process of hammering your brand name in the heads does take a while. Until then be patient - later you can sit back and reap your results! Short-term branding cannot serve as a trial to predict outcome / ROI. Short term ads can only serve as an introduction to your business. For meaningful leads and conversions, long term branding is essential; the duration depends on product/project life-cycle.

The reason for this is: Your brand awareness grows with time. Because of SEO and other factors, the rich get richer! If more people know your brand, you will stay on top and while you stay on top, many more will get to know you...

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