Branding with ECity Bangalore
How is our online branding different from directory listing services ?
Your ad is served along with value added regional content that is unique and engaging to the ECitizens, fetching high visibility to our sponsors. Whenever there is a requirement to purchase products / services of your business category, we make sure that your brand will be remembered. In other words, we etch your brand name in the minds of ECitizens, who happen to be techies, corporates, entrepreneurs and residents located in and around Electronics City, Bengaluru.

Online Branding Directory Listing
your business is visible in high traffic pages, even without a search your business appears only when your category is searched for
will generate leads even after life-span of ad generates leads only for the duration of listing
focus on brand awareness + lead generation does not focus on brand awareness
holds you superior to your competitors puts you with all your competitors
projects your business as the best of its kind projects your business as one among many
your direct communication channels open to buyers direct communication channels blocked to buyers
helps potential customers understand your value merely states your existence
Effectiveness increases over time Effectiveness can be predicted in short term

We focus on building your conversion funnel, with emphasis on brand perception and lead generation. We give greater exposure to a larger audience, feeding the top of your marketing funnel with more prospects to be driven down the funnel and converted.

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