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ECity Micro Site for Business Groups or chains with multiple branches:
Real Estate, Education, Healthcare and Hospitality Groups.

Featured Plus Profile for business unit operating in 1 location only:
hospital, hotel, club, resort, international school etc.

Featured Profile for business that need pictures for promotion:
affordable schools, day-cares, apparel shops, toy shops, bakeries, fast-food, event-management, beauty-parlours etc.

Company Profile for industries / larger companies

Standard Profile for business which have a website

Basic Profile for business which do not have a website

Remote Profile for business located outside Bangalore

If you do not have a website, business profile is very important to build your online reputation. If you already have a website, then it is all the more important to get potential clients to see it. That is where your regional portal will help you!

Please Note: Only the profile content may be customized as per client request. The profile format may not be customized to suit individual client's taste because:
1. Our profile formats are tested for all screen resolutions and all popular browsers.
2. These formats have been designed after studying business profile standards followed by several business portals.
3. We preserve uniform look and feel of the business profiles of all clients alike.