Bettadasanapura Fort Temple

Fort Temple - Bettadasanapura

Thimmarayaswamy Temple


  • Fort Temple
  • Thimmarayaswamy shrine
  • Kashi Vishwanathaswamy shrine
  • Entrance with pillars
  • Garuda ( eagle)
  • Kalyani ( pond)
  • Fort wall
  • Pathway along the wall

Thimmarayaswamy Temple

  is perched atop a small hillock in Bettadasanapura village, enroute to Begur Koppa Road. The old village of Bettadasanapura that has developed around the temple sees a high traffic throughout the day since the road connects Electronic City with Bannerghatta Road. The temple is hard to miss, since it is on a low lying hill which is not covered by much vegetation. The hill is not steep and the gradual slope makes it easy to trek. However, there is a road to drive upto the temple.

The temple entrance has a small mantap will pillars similar to the fort temple in Begur. However this temple seems to be more recent than the Begur fort temple. There is no clear historical reference as to who built the temple. According to local legends, Gauthama Maharishi, who meditated here was blessed with a vision of Lord Thimmarayaswamy ( Vishnu) with Goddess Lakshmi Devi and Goddess Padmavathy and the temple was built on this spot. There is a smaller shrine of Kashi Vishwanathaswamy adjascent to the main temple.

What enchants visitors is the charm of the fort wall built with roughly cut stones. The rectangular fort wall which runs around the twin temples, has circular bastions in its 4 corners. Sadly, signifcant portions of the wall have given way unable to withstand the weathering. The remnants of this crumbling fort wall calls for preservation, else we could lose this historical structure in due course of time. The pathway that runs along the inner circumference of the wall is interesting to explore.

There is also a rock-cut Kalyani ( pond) with steps near the temple. Some of the scenes of TV serial Malgudi Days were shot within the fort premises, by the late celebrity Mr.Shankar Nag.

An arch that has been built in the recent times, is hard to miss from the bettadasanapura main road. The fort-wall has crumbled couple of times, but has been restored to its natural beauty. During festival days, the wall is lit with colourful serial lights and the view of the glowing fort temple from the road below is breath taking!

Kote Thimmarayaswamy Temple
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Location : Bettadasanapura
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Near Electronic City