Shrungagiri Shanmukha Temple

Shrungagiri Shanmukha Temple

Shrungagiri Shanmukha Temple


  • Temple Elevation
  • 6 faced Arumugam tower
  • Crystal dome - Night view
  • Deities: Lord Muruga with Valli, Deivanai
  • Shiva and Ganesha temples
  • Artefacts display: Ganesha collection
  • Peacock Hall and Peacock figurines
  • Trishul, Damru, snake, snake-hill
  • Karumariamman Temple
  • Greenery

Shrungagiri Shanmukha

  temple is perched atop the hillock Shrungagiri in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, and is accessible via NICE Road. Lord Muruga, also known popularly as Subrahmanya, Karthikeya, Arumugam and Kumar in various regions, has most of his shrines on hills and hillocks. The Shrungagiri hill is 240 ft above ground level.

Unique Architechture

Inspired by Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamiji of Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri, this temple architecture was designed and constructed by Dr. Arunachalam in 2006. The temple is unique for its Vimana with 6 faces of Lord Muruga, towering to a height of 123 ft. The sanctum (Garbha Gudi) and its outer circle (Prakara), devotees hall, outer walls, roof design – all are Star shaped constructions. The tall majestic Trishul with damru and snake, and peacock figurine adorn the entrance. Along the stairway are the Ganesha temple and Shiva temple. While going around the Ganesha temple, Dwimukha, Trimukha, Chaturmukha forms of Lord Ganesha are made visible. The six faces of Lord Shanmukha are 6 inches thick concrete moulded structures.

Solar Trackers

These devices change their orientation throughout the day and follow the sun's path to maximize energy capture. The temple roof is fitted with 2 horizontal and 2 vertical solar trackers which direct the sun rays on to the main deity, to perform Surya Kirana Abhisheka to the deity all through the day! Such a hi-tech temple, one cannot wait to watch the proposed Lazer Sky show against the background of mist and smoke screens.

Crystal Dome

The 42' high Crystal Dome commands a view from 10 km radius. Spectacular view of the illuminated dome can never be missed from the surrounding areas, post sunset. The dome is embedded with 2500 crystals, each of 1' diameter. During the day, sunlight falling on the crystals is dispersed to 7 colours (VIBGYOR). In the evening, the crystals are illuminated by 27 Watt LED lights. each crystal disseminating 16 colour combination lights, forming 138 patterns.


There are 2 stairways ( one straight and another with less steeper steps) and another pathway beside the stairs, paved without steps. View of the surroundings from the temple courtyard, is breathtaking. The serene and calm environment with abundance of greenery are very soothing. The temple is maintained quite well. Adequate parking space is provided across the road. The main road leading to the temple is named after the architect Dr. Arunachalam.

Right across the road, just opposite to Shanmukha temple is a small beautiful Karumariamman temple, shaped like a chariot.

Shrungagiri Shanmukha Temple

6:30 am - 12:30 pm
4:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Rajarajeshwari Nagar
Bengaluru 560098
Karnataka, INDIA