Pyramid Valley - Bangalore

Maitreya Buddha Pyramid Valley


  Buddha Poornima Celebrations   16th - 18th May 2019

Pyramid Valley


  • Maitreya Buddha Pyramid - 104 ft high
  • Meditative Buddha at entrance
  • Kings Chamber
  • Gallery with Sayana ( Sleeping) Buddha
  • Pyramid shop and Library
  • Confrence hall
  • Amphitheater
  • Water bodies, lawns, landscapes
  • Buddha-Poornima: Akhanda-Dhyana

Pyramid Valley

,  an international meditation center, is said to be the world's largest meditational pyramid. Embraced by natural rocks, beautiful hills and water bodies, Pyramid Valley is located on Kanakapura Road 35 km south of Bengaluru. This center, Maitreya Buddha Vishwalayam, an International Meditational University, is managed by The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India), a core organization of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. The not-for-profit spiritual organization, was founded by Brahmarshi Patriji in the year 2003.

Maitreya Buddha Pyramid, with a capacity for 5,000 people, has been built solely for practicing intensive meditation. It has a base area of 160 ft x 160 ft and is 104 ft high. It has been constructed on the principles of Giza Pyramid in Egypt, oriented exactly in the North – South direction, having the golden angle of inclination at 51° 51’. Its spiral and vibrant King's chamber, the most energetic spot of the Pyramid, is at 1/3rd the height of the Pyramid ( height of 34 ft) and accommodates 40 people for meditation at a time. Over 640 natural Himalayan crystals are fitted inside the Pyramid meditation hall to amplify the Pyramid energy and help in more profound meditational experiences. The exterior of the Pyramid is covered by beautiful murals depicting various elements of nature. The lower hall of the Pyramid too has beautiful murals and art work depicting Buddha.

Daily free meditation classes, monthly full-moon night programs and annual Buddha Poornima celebrations are some of the popular activities. Every year, an international congress on Spirituality called “Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists” is held in Pyramid Valley.

Pyramid Valley is located 17km from BMIC/NICE Road. Driving South on Kanakapura Road, take left at Pyramid Valley sign board on to Kebbedoddi Village, Pyramid Valley road. Pyramid Valley is 1.2km from there.

Travel info:
No Entry Fee
Phone: +91 80 2756 3262/63
Kebbedoddi Village
Pyramid Valley Road
Kanakapura Rd, Bengaluru
Karnataka, INDIA