Panchamukha Ganesha Temple

Panchamukha Ganesha Temple

Panchamukha Ganesha Temple


  • Temple Elevation
  • Panchamukha Gopuram ( tower)
  • Panchamukha deity inside
  • Impressive exterior
  • Marble interiors
  • 4 entrances
  • Artificial pond around the temple
  • Neat premises

Panchamukha Ganesha

  temple in Anchepalya on Mysore Road, is about 30 km from Electronic City via NICE Ring Road. You can hardly miss the dazzling Panchamukha on the left side of Mysore Road ( from Bengaluru).

What makes this temple unique is the spectacular Gopuram ( temple tower) with 4 Ganeshas seated in 4 directions and the 5th Ganesha head perched atop the 4 Ganeshas, facing the front. The deity inside is also a Panchamukha ( 5 faced) Ganesha carved in black stone. The temple has a doorway and a bell in each of the 4 directions.

The marble interiors and the red-tiled courtyard around the temple are mantained very clean. An artificial water pond running around the temple adds to the beauty.

Dodda Aaladamara in Ramohalli and Janapada Lokha are other tourist attractions not far from this temple.
Panchamukha Ganesha Temple

Mysore Road
Karnataka, INDIA