Lalbagh Botanical Garden



  Republic Day Flower Show 2024  ( 18 - 28 January 2024) :

  1. Theme: Lord Basaveshwara or Basavanna, the 12th century philosopher & social reformer
  2. Miniature of Basavanna's house
  3. Replica of Anubhavamantapa, a religious academy and place of gathering for religious leaders and philosophers in the 12th century
  4. Contemporaries of Basavanna: Allama Prabhu and Akka Mahadevi
  5. Representation of the Ishtalinga in Veerashaiva philosophy
  6. floral depiction of the Vachana concert
  7. Recitals of the vachanas at the Band Stand

Regular Attractions

  • Bi-annual Flower Shows
  • Glass House
  • Lal Bagh Rock
  • Kempe Gowda Tower
  • Statue of Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar
  • Bandstand
  • Lawn clock
  • Bonzai Garden
  • Aviary & Pigeon House
  • Aquarium House
  • Horticultural Nursery

Lalbagh was given the status of a Government Botanical Garden in 1856. This garden is currently under the aegis of the Directorate of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka, India. It stretches over 240 acres and houses about 673 genera and 1,854 species of plants and some centuries old trees. It has 4 gates in North, South, East, West and is easily accessible by BMTC buses.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore, was initially a 40 acre private garden of the ruler of Mysore, Hyder Ali in the year 1760. Designed in Mughal style, on the model of an extensive garden at Sira in Tumkur near Bangalore, this garden was further developed by Hyder Ali’s son Tipu Sultan. Rare collection of plants were brought from Persia, Afghanistan and France by Tipu Sultan. Subsequently British and Indian doyens of horticulture have extended the area and added to the species.

The Lal Bagh Rock is believed to be one of the oldest rock formations on earth, dating back to 3000 million years. Atop the rock stands one of the 4 historical towers erected by Kempe Gowda, to mark the Southern boundary of expanse of Bengaluru.

The glass house was built in 1889 during the administration of Sri John Cameron to commemorate the visit of Prince of Wales. The glass house was modeled on the lines of London's Crystal Palace. It is the venue for biannual flower shows on Independence Day and Republic Day.

Travel info:
Department of Horticulture
Phone: +91-80-26571925
Location: KH Double Road
Open: 6am - 7pm
Flower shows in 26 Jan & 15 Aug
Accessible by BMTC buses