Kotilingeshwara Temple

Kotilingeshwara Temple

Kotilingeshwara Temple


  • 108 ft high Shiva Linga
  • 35 ft Basavanna statue
  • Trishul
  • Lakhs of Shivalingas
  • Main deity: Kotilingeshwara
  • Trimurthy temple
  • Many other small temples
  • Main courtyard with tallest Shivaling
  • Adjascent courtyard with smaller Shivaling
  • Popular festival: Maha Shivratri

Kotilingeshwara temple is situated in Kammasandra village in Kolar District of Karnataka. The temple is about 90 km from Bengaluru and approximately 12 km from KGF (Kolar Gold Fields). The journey takes about 3 hours from Bengaluru. The name Kotilingshwara is derived from the aim of this project, which is to establish 1 crore (koti) Shivalingas.


The temple was built in 1980 by a devotee Sambha Shiva Murthy, who installed the first Shivlinga on 8th October 1980. He was inspired by a dream in which Lord Shiva blessed him. His vision was to build a temple with 1 Crore Shivalingas. Over the years lakhs of Shivalingas were installed by devotees. It is now said to have more than 90 Lakh Shivalingas.


The temple complex is spread over 15 acres of land. The first temple has 3 deities: Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Then comes the main temple of Kotilingeshwara. Both temples are surrounded by thousands of lingas. There is a sacred Nagalinga tree which is believed to grant wishes of the devotees and people tie yellow threads on this tree. Then comes the vast open courtyard with a mesmerising view of lakhs of Shivalingas all over! The temple has a magnificent Shivalinga which is 108 ft high (33 m), and the tallest Shivalinga in the world. Facing it is a large Basava / Nandi (bull) statue is 35 ft (11 m) tall. Between them is a Trishul. These statues are surrounded by lakhs of Shivalingas all of varied sizes and installed on platforms painted in vibrant colours. Adjascent to this large courtyard and beyond a colourfully painted corridor running in between, is another courtyard with another large Shivalinga. The Shivalinga and Nandi here are smaller than the main statues. There is a golden colored Kalsha and 17 small shrines of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses on either side.


Devotees can buy or place order for Shivalingas and install them, with their name(s) engraved in the platform. Daily poojas will be performed by priests for all the lakhs of Shivalingas. The temple also conducts mass marriages on a weekly basis. Annadana or free meal is served at mid-day, everyday. Adequate covered parking has been provided.

The temple is away from the congestion of the city and offers a peaceful, serene and divine atmosphere. Mondays and festival days, especially Maha Shivratri are crowded. Other weekdays are less crowded and devotees can even meditate calmly. The temple is well maintained. However an effort to commercialize this temple is obvious. Unlike most temples, an entry-fee of Rs.300 is collected and the priests do not allow devotees to enter the courtyard before visiting the temples.

Kotilingeshwara Temple
Travel info:
Timings: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Entry fee: Rs.30
Koti linga Temple Road
Kolar District
Karnataka 563121