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Medical profession is:
To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always
- Anonymous

Compassion reflects a physician's willingness to share the patient's anguish and his/her attempt to understand what the sickness means to the patient.

Role of compassion in healing a patient

Patients in pain not only look for clinical and technical expertise from a doctor, but they also look forward to that healing touch with compassion and humanity. They want to be communicative and comfortable with the physician whom they entrust their body with. Treatment can be effective and healing can be quicker with compassion, than without.

How do you select your physician?

Nearness to work / home, Doctor Profile, Hospital Brand, Success Rate, Personal Reference, Cost of Treatment etc. are various factors considered in the selection process. Was the physician able to understand the pain of the patient? Was the patient able to connect with the physician? Observe how compassionate he/she is, to ensure that yourself or your near and dear have found the right physician.
Healthcare Providers:
Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Pharmacies
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