Jamia Masjid in City Market, Bangalore

Jamia Masjid

Jamia Masjid Bangalore


  • Architecture : Mughal style
  • Bulbous domes
  • Balconies with jali work
  • Twin minarets with pigeon holes
  • Elevated prayer hall
  • Exquisitely carved granite pillars
  • Ablution pool
  • Rare bubris paintings on ceiling
  • Friday Namaaz : 1:20 p.m.
  • Event : Tipu's Urs

Jamia Masjid

  situated near the City Market, is the most impressive mosque in Bangalore,covering 38,000 sq ft. Designed by Rayyaz Asifuddin of Hyderabad, its foundation stone was laid by Sir Mirza Ismail ( Dewan of Mysore) in 1940. The mosque seems to be dedicated to Tipu Sultan.

It is a five–storeyed structure with bulbous domes and exterior built of white marble from Rajasthan. Its balconies are exquisitely fashioned with jaali work ( lattice screen). There are magnificent twin minarets inside the masjid that stretch upto the spherical domes above the balconies. These minarets have been ornamented with a graceful assembly of a large number of pigeonholes. Large number of pigeons keep flying in and out. Tall ornamented granite pillars adorn the elevated prayer hall. The mosque can accommodate up to 10,000 devotees. There is an ablution pool in the centre of mosque, that renders a cool, serene and airy atmosphere within.

Rare bubris painting on the ceilings and walls remained covered by layers of white paints for years. Fortunately enough a conscious effort to pull of those layers has revealed the existence of the beautiful bubris that bear the royal mark of none other than Tipu Sultan. During the death anniversary of Tipu, called the Tipu Urs, Muslims assemble in large numbers in front of the mosque. During the festival nights, the minarets are beautifully illuminated.

For over 15 years the Jamia Masjid has run a modern English medium school from its cellars, employing Hijab-donning women teachers and imparting basic skills in computers to the Muslim children.

There is another mosque called Jumma Masjid ( meaning Friday Mosque) in OPH Road of Shivaji Nagar, which is the oldest mosque in Bangalore, built in 1790 with brick and mortar and materials supplied by Tipu Sultan from Srirangapatna. This mosque was ealier called Sangian Jamia. It has a 90 ft minaret and a capacity of 5000 people. This mosque is older and smaller compared to the Jamia Masjid in City Market.
Jamia Masjid
Travel info:
Phone: +91 80 22239495
+91 80 2227208
Friday Namaz: 1:20 pm
Madarsa: Yes
Event: Tipu's Urs
Location: N.R.Road, City Market
Bangalore, INDIA
Transit Point :
K.R.Market Bus stand