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Bangalore Aquarium

Bangalore Aquarium

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Bangalore Aquarium

  a.k.a. Government Aquarium, is located at the entrance of Cubbon Park on Kasturba Road. Constructed in 1972 and inaugurated on 27 August 1983, it is the second largest aquarium in India, on a land of 2700 sq.m with built up area of 850 sq.m. This aquarium is managed by the Karnataka State Department of Fisheries.


The octogonal building has 3 floors, housing the laboratory, aquarium and a small shop that sells products necessary to maintain aquarium in homes and offices. Ground floor has the office and laboratory. The first floor has 14 large tanks for larger variety of fish. Second floor and third floors each has 2 rows of tanks: an upper row with 23 medium sized tanks and a lower row with 46 small sized tanks.


Bangalore aquarium displays fresh water fish exclusively. Ornamental fish like Angelfish, Blue Acara, Blue Gourami, Catla, Denison's Barb, eels, Feather Backs, Giant Gourami, Goldfish, Glowlight tetra, Gray Pacu, Hockey-stick Tetra, Indian Tiger Barb, Moonlight Gourami, Oscars, Pangasius Cats, prawns, Mahseer, Moon Tail, Moor Goldfish, Pearl Gourami, Red tail Shark, Siamese fighters, Silver Dollars, Snake Hood, Sword Tail fish etc. Some exotic species from Thailand, Trinidad, China, Japan and South America are also displayed.

Aquarists Society

The Aquarists Society of Karnataka has hobbysts and all traders who offer producs and services related to aquarium. It is an association of is an association of aquarists, educationists, professionals, manufacturers of aquarium accessories and fittings, and importers and exporters of aquarium essentials. Objective of this society is to promote ornamental fish culture in homes, offices, hospitals etc. via exhibitions, training programmes, film shows, eminars, lectures and magazines. During the month of May an exhibition called Aqua Fest is organized in the aquarium ground.

Bangalore Aquarium
Cubbon Park
Kasturba Road
Shanthala Nagar
Bengaluru 560001
Open: 10 am - 5:30 pm
Closed: Mondays & 2nd Tuesdays
Phone: 080 2286 7440
Entry fee: Rs. 15 for adults
Free for children below 12